Top 5 Tips For DIY Windshield Repair from Tucson, AZ Experts

Auto Glass RepairIt’s instinctive for people to ask themselves, “Why pay $75 to $500 for glass repair when I can do it myself for less than $20?” DIY windshield repair kits are popular, but they are more like “inexpensive Band-Aids, rather than a complete repair,” according to consumer guide Edmunds. The damage will still be visible, but a kit can at least buy you a little more time before you can get a windshield replacement.

5 tips for DIY windshield repair:

  1. Do not attempt to repair your windshield in the hot sun. The sun’s rays will cause the resin to harden too quickly, yielding a sloppy end result. Seek shade in a cool garage!
  1. Pick out loose pieces of glass with a razor blade. Any loose pieces will cause your repair to look lumpy and imperfect. You can also use Windex, but allow plenty of time for the area to dry completely.
  1. After positioning the suction cup placement apparatus, pour in about four drops of resin to be on the safe side. If you add “too much resin,” you’ll create a larger divot and safety hazard. If you use “too little resin,” it will take the glass shards longer to bind together.
  1. Tighten the plunger, loosen it, and then tighten it again to release air bubbles. Failing to loosen the valve will leave you with surface imperfections.
  1. Hold the finishing film in place with a few pieces of painter’s tape, so the resin has enough time to set, without fear of the film shifting and messing up all your hard work. At least 10 minutes of curing time is recommended.

Reasons Arizona motorists choose professional windshield repair

A DIY windshield repair kit provides you with the basic tools you’ll need to fix a chip or crack in the glass. What it won’t give you is a trained eye and years of expertise. An error could cause enough additional damage to warrant a full windshield replacement, which not only causes frustration, but also leaves you without a ride for even longer!

Professional technicians at Right Choice Collision in Tucson Arizona know how much pressure to apply, use professional equipment and high-quality resins, and complete the job in as little as 10-15 minutes (compared to the 1-2 hours it takes for a DIY kit). We’ll make sure all pits are leveled, so you won’t shred your windshield wipers on excess resin.

Best of all, we are approved by all major insurance providers, so all motorists with glass coverage included in their policies will be taken care of with no money out of pocket.

Come in to Right Choice Collision for the best windshield repair Tucson AZ has to offer

Right Choice Collision goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. All glass repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty and meet original equipment manufacturer standards. We can match custom window tints and repair or replace smaller mirrors or rear windows, in addition to windshields, no matter what type of vehicle you’re driving.

If you’re looking for an honest technician, a quality repair, and fair market value, look no further than Right Choice Collision for windshield repair in Tucson, AZ. You may call (520) 867-6021 with any questions.