When was the last time you checked on your insurance policy and the body shop recommendations they provide when it comes to collision repair? Have you taken the time to inquire about the materials the shop uses? If it has been awhile, you may want to set aside a few minutes today to answer these questions for yourself. This Tucson body shop just got wind of a number of insurance companies, including several big names, sending clients to collision repair shops using what some owners are claiming to be substandard materials.

A number of body shop owners have claimed that some insurance agencies have requested that shops exclusively use recycled or aftermarket parts for collision repairs, including parts that would generally be considered substandard. The reasoning for this? So the insurance company can save money on the cost of the insurance claim.

Our Tucson body shop found this proved to be an issue in 36 states across the country and some shop owners are also claiming they have lost referral business from insurance companies due to refusing to use these substandard materials. While there is a time to use aftermarket or recycled parts–such as when specifically requested by the client in order to save money–these insurance companies are instead requiring these materials.

Some owners are claiming the insurance companies are threatening to reimburse the shop less or move business elsewhere. They have responded by filing a joint lawsuit against tens of insurance agencies, including a number of well-known agencies. However, the insurance agencies have responded by claiming they have not done anything wrong and they are only making attempts to save their clients money.

Aftermarket parts, which may or may not be produced by the original manufacturer, tend to cost significantly less, at times up to 50% less than original parts. The issue with using aftermarket parts is because they are produced by a number of manufacturers, they have a wide range of quality and some may even be counterfeit originals that are unable to withstand future damage. However, these aftermarket parts are typically reserved to be used only as outer replacements, such as body panels or bumpers. Recycled parts also have a wide quality range. In some cases, they are parts taken from used junkyard vehicles but in others they may be of a much lower quality. These parts can not only make pulling out your wallet less painful but there are chances you wouldn’t notice the difference.

The big question here that our Tucson body shop has: are consumers at risk? Well, that depends on who you ask. The insurance companies under fire continue to claim there is no real issue at hand but shop owners are concerned about the safety of clients who may be unknowingly using substandard parts.

You can trust that as a local Tucson body shop choice, Right Choice uses only high quality auto parts for collision repairs. However, before visiting any Tucson body shop, be sure to check out your insurance policy and the recommended shops if you have any concerns about using aftermarket or recycled parts.