Right Choice Collision Repair Reports on Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how quickly a collision repair company states they will be able to complete a repair, the time estimate seems to keep rising. This leaves you without a vehicle for an even longer time period and can make your life more difficult as you attempt to function without a vehicle. This is especially difficult in a city like ours that could use an upgrade to the public transit system. However, not only have collision repair companies like Right Choice made every effort to ensure you receive timely service and reasonable rates, but some automotive companies are starting to help out in that area as well.

One recent example comes from Toyota, one of the leading car producers in the U.S., and Mitchell International, a provider of technology solutions for the collision repair industry. Together, they have created the Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures as part of a desktop solution also called UltraMate for writing repair estimates, sourcing information from other shops and providers, and tracking the overall repair process to ensure customers get their vehicles back in a timely manner and still in quality condition.

UltraMate, the primary desktop solution produced by Mitchell International for repair shop use, is the primary technology behind the Toyota Recommended Repair Procedures and is anticipated to become a widely used software for repair shops looking to simplify and streamline their repair process. The software appears to be relatively easy to use—great for those who always seem to have difficulties using computers—and stores easy to retrieve information about the products for each vehicle make and model. For example, if during a collision repair you need to have a front bumper replaced, the UltraMate software will have information on the type of bumper and all of the parts required to install it. The writer will then just need to input the type of labor required for the repair in order to complete the estimate. This saves plenty of time, ensures a more accurate estimated price, and helps to make sure your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition much quicker.

Even though UltraMate software makes collision repair a less painful process by quickening the tasks, you will still want to take some precautions when getting an estimate on your vehicle. One of the most important tips we can offer to any potential client is to make sure the shop you are receiving service from is qualified to do the work and that the technician has a certification to do collision repairs. In addition to that, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the estimate and the work being done. Any technician worth their salt would be willing to explain the collision repair process. This the shop know their customer is more informed about the repairs being done and more likely to approve of the process, plus it shows quality customer service.

However, if you want a guarantee that you will receive timely service and reasonable rates, give Right Choice Collision a call any time following an auto accident.