Remember, your friendly Tucson collision repair pros are car fanatics themselves. We’re nothing if not understanding about how quickly repairing small dents and dings can become inconvenient, frustrating and costly beyond justification. While commercial dent-pulling devices have come a long way toward working wonders on small-but-frustrating body damage, our customers deserve to know that DIY won’t always compare favorably to an experienced Tucson collision repair shop’s expertise.

Be advised, unlike a Tucson collision repair technician’s careful work, a dent puller’s ideal results still won’t perfectly restore the body’s factory shape. It gets it close enough that most naked eyes won’t catch the telltale signs of homespun body work, but anticipate needing a little body filler to mask the pull as closely as possible. You’ll need it to fill in both the repair’s low spots and potentially the holes some dent pullers must make by design to pop out the metal.

Consider that the “best-case” scenario. If worse comes to worse, you may end up worsening the body’s condition and end up with a Tucson collision repair appointment regardless of how closely you followed the initial instructions. Your metal may “oil-can” if a dent-pull becomes too fussy trying to smooth or straighten it to perfection. If you aren’t versed in the proper technique to shrink the panel with sponges and heat before applying the filler, you will have succeeded in making a small ding glaringly obvious.

If you still feel compelled to call on the might of your own two hands instead of a Tucson collision repair specialist, there are a few proven “home remedies” that will often do the trick and little-to-no cost:


A number of dent pullers a car owner would find at an auto supply or hardware store require a little additional damage: you’ll need to drill a hole as dead-center in the dent as possible, but go no deeper or wider than necessary. Remember, you’ll be filling that in later. Secure the wire component inside the hole, then pull and pop the dent back into place as directed. Finally, fill in the hole and apply matching paint.


No, not the specialized variety. More on that in a moment. If you have an ordinary toilet plunger handy and know just how to wield it, you just might pop out a fairly big dent without incriminating holes or creases and without spending a dime on our next item down the list. Spreading a little petroleum jelly around the plunger’s mouth may add just a bit of helpful extra might to the seal and make the pull even easier. Secure the mouth as centrally within the bodywork as possible. Grip the handle firmly, tug sharply, and there’s a very good chance you’ll have discreetly popped the metal right back into shape.


Alternately, car dent plungers tend to be priced quite reasonably – at least, compared to having a Tucson collision repair technician remedy every minor ding left behind by a tight parking job. Like more invasive dent pullers, you’ll find plungers and suction cups at most car supply stores. Just look for something that looks like a shrunken toilet plunger. The biggest and most important difference being, most will let the air out of the device’s head for the kind of tight seal you needed petroleum jelly to achieve with a household plunger. Once you pull the dent, there’s no more muss or fuss needed.

  1. Now we’re just getting a bit crude-but-effective.A rubber mallet or metal work hammer is a classic go-to for removing dents with access to the bodywork’s reverse side. Be careful with either not to hammer a dent out too far. Use gradual strikes and check your progress frequently.  A hammer works better for smaller, uneven dents in the same fashion. Be sure and cover a metal head with cloth, so as to avoid causing even more damage to explain to a Tucson collision repair technician, should you decide to give in and schedule a visit.   

Of course, Tucson collision repair professionals across our area earn the fine living they do for a reason. Little compares to a professional touch, especially when it comes down to perfectly matching your paint. Before doing it yourself, it’s always worthwhile to shop around for a few no-charge estimates and gauge whether the higher quality of professional attention to detail is worth the cost for the size of the dent.