When we think about high tech, it’s easy to see it in digital devices and things like the space program, but what about the car you drive? We don’t think much about the technology integrated into the vehicle behind the dash board. We know it’s computer driven, but how much technology goes into the frame, the suspension, the brakes? Tucson body shop technicians know, newer vehicles require more technical repair procedures and tools being made possible by industry partnerships like the one between GM and Cellette for the new Cadillacs.
Leo Gruzas, the Customer Care and Aftersales manager for GM’s Exterior Service Engineering department had this to say, “Considering the mixed material and complex manufacturing process of the new 2016 Cadillac CT6 structure, it was crucial for GM to develop a strong collision repair plan early in the vehicle development process.

The collision repair plan required timely review of repair procedures, service part strategies, training and the necessary collision repair tools. One of the required tools for collision repair on the Cadillac CT6 is a structural repair bench.”

Tucson Body Shop is excited to see that manufacturers are beginning to see the need to support their product long after the sale. GM has developed training and development programs between their design engineers and auto body repair tool manufacturers to get them the hard data needed to develop new tools ahead of the release of potentially problem vehicles. In the case of the Cellette GM partnership, Cellette was able to develop tools and protocols based on 3D models, that were easily confirmed once the actual vehicles were available for testing.

We think drivers will agree with Tucson Body Shop in our belief that creating repair systems that get your vehicle back to factory standards and on the road is great. We look forward to more interaction within in our industry as we grow in our recognition that excellence in design, materials and processes throughout the life of the vehicle is what is needed to give the end user the best driving experience. In GMs case, that information has reached service providers before the cars are even on the road, signaling a bright future in our industry.