One thing that anyone in the auto repair industry can attest to is the constant risk of fire that is faced when working on automobiles. The combination of electrical systems, tools capable of sparking and combustible fuels, lubricants and chemicals used in various processes, is prime for fire. That is why we at Collision Repair Tucson work hard to stay up to date on safety procedures and methods.

A recent fire at a collision repair facility in Richmond, British Colombia, Canada is a reminder of the dangers. The fire happened mid day on November 24th and the cause is still unknown. Collision Repair Tucson wishes the best for our fellow collision repair specialists as they work to recover from what looks to be an extensive fire. The one thing any shop owner would hope for, was the case in this incident, as all customers and employees were able to get safely away from the building.

Multiple trucks arrived on scene to help fight the blaze, that created black smoke that could be seen from a nearby highway, according to callers to a local radio show. The fire was attacked from multiple angles, including above with a ladder truck that helped to keep the flames from spreading. Those flames, according to witnesses, were over 100 feet high at one point. We at Collision Repair Tucson can only imagine the challenges being faced. We are glad that everyone was safe.