According to Collusion Repair Tucson, a local auto shop has stepped up to help a mom during her time of need, during this Christmas holiday season. Collision Repair noted that Stephanie Roderick’s car was stolen and gutted before she could finally find it this Christmas.

Roderick stated in an interview that it was horrible what was done to her, and that it is hard for a single mother, and that she has really been trying to make it all by herself. “This $500 is almost 90 percent of my rent money, so to face having to buy a new car or replace what I have been hard.” She lamented during the interview.

However, thanks to City South Auto Body Center, she will not have to make that choice. Collision Repair Tucson noted once the story was aired, Roderick got a call from City South Auto Body Shop. They were offering to repair the car for free, and not for the publicity. As soon as the story was put on Facebook, some of the viewers started asking for the name of the shop that was responsible for the act of kindness.

Elmer Smith of City South Body shop stated that the family that owns the care was kind of strapped this year, like many other families around the world, therefore, they decided that they would take the car in and offer the family a good Christmas present this year. You can click here to find more on that story.

According to Collision Repair Tucson, Smith had stated that the car’s tires were a big issue, they had looked at them and uniformly decided that it was a better idea if they replaced the old ones with a set of brand new tires. They figured this would be a good idea since, this was a family car and it was better if they were as safe as possible.

The body shop was also going to be responsible for the replacement of the glass of the two broken windows, and also rekey the locks since they were faulty. The thieves had also made away with the car’s seat, and City South Auto Body Center was going to be responsible for replacing it.

Collision Repair Tucson noted smith stating that, there are times when businesses will need to have to step up and take the hit and to provide care for the community, and this is one of the few things that they are currently doing to take care of the community and to make sure that the young lady and her child are safe on the road when the car will have been fully restored to perfection.

According to Collision Repair Tucson, Roderick during a phone call on Wednesday was in tears. She stated that she was overwhelmed by the generosity of City South Auto Body Center and she stated that the move by the company was more than she deserved. According to the report given by the auto body center, the family will have their car back in time for Christmas.