Our Tucson body shop takes pride daily in covering every extra mile we possibly can to exceed our customers’ expectations and anticipate their needs. Even we can admit, there are notes we could all take from the forethought of the newly opened Dealer Collision Center facility in St. George, Utah. 

General manager Jesse Thompson moved the operation one block over to its state-of-the-art new 184 W. 1600 South location in the interest of filling the 25,000 square-foot space with an improved repertoire of industry-leading repair technology that would be the envy of any Tempe body shop. That’s easy to appreciate. The sharpest collision repair technician in the world isn’t of much use without the finest tools for the job. Not every improvement is strictly for the facility staff’s benefit, though.

In addition to a more comfortable renovated office space and waiting area for customers, Thompson’s Dealer Collision Center offers an amenity we’d love to see eventually become a standard feature of any Tempe body shop: an on-site rental car company to issue temporary vehicles for customers who need to be on the move.

“I just want to convey how important it is in this industry to stay up with technology,” Thompson said at the facility’s ceremonial ribbon-cutting. “Technology is very important, equipment is very important, training is very important and facilities are very important … this facility is going to give us all the mechanisms and resources we need to maintain that standard.”

It’s an ambition greater than the present for Thompson and his team. Granted, they always strive for their finished work to leave a car looking even better than it did before a wreck, right down to cleaning and detailing above and beyond the call of duty before the customer picks it up. For him, it’s about ensuring that his business, like any Tempe body shop should, has not only physical room for top-shelf work to be done today but to grow into tomorrow’s more advanced repair equipment and techniques tomorrow.  

It’s also about training his staff to assist customers through the simplest insurance claim process possible. Along the way, Thompson is also driven to give back: Dealer Collision Center routinely offers their time and money not only to local charities, but to diligently fixing up and restoring cars to offer the community’s less fortunate.

It’s that utmost degree of true community service that deserves to be our Tempe body shop lasting measuring stick. If you’re ever in St. George and find your vehicle cracked up, Dealer Collision Center should be your first stop for five-star care.