According to Collusion Repair Tucson, a book can sometimes be too good to have to put it down, this might perhaps be the only defense a driver who was pulled over on Highway 149 in Eagan had for reading a Novel. This might be a funny occurrence but according to Collusion Repair Tucson, it can actually be pretty dangerous.

Collision Repair Tucson noted the Dash cam video shows the Police officer asking the driver of the vehicle what he was looking at while he was driving. According to the footage, the driver responded that he had been reading. Collision Repair Tucson noted that when the driver was asked by the officer what he was reading, he replied that he was reading a book.

According to Collusion repair Tucson during an interview, Police spokesman for Eagan Police said, “The nicest guy, obviously not the smartest thing to do while driving. Very Dangerous. However, he kind of got it knew he had made a mistake, and the officer went back and ended up giving him a citation.”

According to the Police spokesperson, there are a lot of accidents that are caused by people who are texting or doing other things on their phones while driving. Looking down for a few seconds can mean the person ahead of you hitting the breaks and causing an accident. The driver needs to be very cautious while driving to avoid putting themselves and other road users while driving on the highway, collision repair Tucson noted.

According to the spokesperson, earlier in the day, he heard of a woman with big curls in her hair, and she was taking out her curls while driving with her knees up on the wheels. The spokesperson stated that distracted driving is only getting worse in the US, and mostly because of the smartphones that we use. The officer suggested that drivers put their phones on vibration and in the glove box to avoid temptation Collusion Repair Tucson noted.

The Eagan Police Department had stated that the man was pulled over on Highway 149 when the police officer noticed that the motorist did not appear to be watching the road as he was driving. When asked what he was reading the man was quick to respond that he was reading a “James Patterson book” on his tablet.

Collision Repair Tucson advised all motorist to ensure that they are alert and careful while driving on the highway. Most accidents that are caused by the highways today mostly involve distracted drivers who are not keen while driving or distracted by other activities while driving.

Collision Repair Tucson advise drivers always to be careful while driving and ensure that they never get distracted by cell phones or other things while driving on the highway. According to Eagan police spokesperson, it only takes a few seconds of distraction to cause an accident; therefore, motorists need to be keen while driving and most importantly avoid distractions.

The Eagan Police Spokesman had some advice for the James Patterson-loving driver: “Stay alive, don’t novel and drive.”