Any Tucson body shop worthy of our community’s support will know only one sure path to offering Arizona drivers the finest restorative auto body work around: never stop learning. Find the rhythm of automotive innovation and never miss a beat.  

That’s why we’re challenging our fellow Tucson body shops everywhere to step up their games and sharpen their edges with these three brand-new I-CAR courses launching in the first quarter of 2016. Better training gives rise to better technicians. The better trained crews that our friends and neighbors can trust working in every Tucson body shop’s bays, the more gorgeous automobiles we can keep on the road in pristine factory-fresh condition.

These debuting courses will challenge rookie and veteran technicians alike to bring themselves up to speed with the skills and know-how that will only become more indispensable in every Tucson body shop. School’s in session, folks…


  • MIG Brazing Hands-On Skills Development


One of two courses headlining I-CAR’s in-shop Hands-On SKills Development program, this is a chance to practically develop proficiency in a skill required more and more widely for Tucson body shops to repair high-strength steel vehicles. Acura and Honda have required MIG brazing training for more than five years in the repair of the massively popular respective Accord and MDX models. Over the past half-decade, one manufacturer after another has adopted the technique, making it a now-essential competency best learned with real experience on familiar equipment.


  • Rivet Bonding Hands-On Skills Development


The second new Hands-On Skills Development course debuting in early 2016 highlights another technique becoming increasingly familiar to every Tucson body shop. Rivet bonding is fast becoming a standard attachment method as aluminum, steel and mixed-materials constructions become more commonplace. Technicians will master rivet bonding’s organized planning and precise timing through one-on-one practical coaching in their own shops, working with their own equipment.


  • Honda & Acura Electrical Collision Repair


The third and final course adds a fourth installment to I-CAR’s online offerings developed by American Honda. As the title suggests, this class will instruct technicians in comprehensive post-collision electrical system repairs specific to various Honda and Acura models. Its three sections will introduce basic electrical system requirements, break down potential issues with wiring harnesses, and examine each make’s wiring repair resources, policies, and necessary tools. The online format will ultimately facilitate consistent high-quality sublet repairs from each Tucson body shop.  

Visit www.i-car.com today to learn more about each of these enlightening new courses available to every Tucson body shop today.