Many insurance companies in the automotive marketplace are sometimes manipulating the auto industry by not providing adequate information to the claimants about their rights. One right available with the claimants in case of auto insurance is right of appraisal. It is probable that you may not have heard of this right as insurance companies are not likely to tell you about it. But we at auto body shop Tucson feel that it is our moral responsibility to make our customer aware of the rights he possesses.

What is the right of appraisal?

If your insured vehicle is damaged then you are eligible for compensation of what you spent on repairs or you can repair it cashless through various DRPs. If your vehicle is deemed a total loss then the insurance company is supposed to indemnify you towards the actual worth of vehicle at the time of accident. But this does not always happen as is should. Some insurance companies will try to reduce your claim amount and by being unaware of your rights you just accept it without questioning further. The right of appraisal gives you an option to request for an independent appraisal if you are not satisfied with the claim amount determined by the insurance company.

What is the benefit of independent appraisal?

Independent appraisals provide an unbiased repair quote and value of car based on following factors:

  • Manufacturer specifications
  • Safety concerns
  • Accepted industry procedures
  • Potential diminished value

Their expert knowledge without any favoritism towards the insurance company is the best way to receive this type of estimate and value. You (i.e., vehicle owner) and your auto body shop are set apart from the inurance company and thus their quote can be contested against the value quoted by your independent shop.

What is the process?

The appraiser hired by you and the one hired by insurance company will give their assessment on the damaged car on the basis of its model, year of manufacturing, odometer mileage, nature of use and its health. Both the appraisers will then compare the value assessed and it is more probable that the value quoted by your appraiser will be higher than quoted by insurance company. The parties will then negotiate to reach to a common agreement and this is how the value can be finalized. If both the parties fail to reach on a common conclusion then an intermediary helps in finalizing the value agreement. We at auto body shop Tucson help you in understanding the applicability of your Tucson right of appraisal in your collision case. You have the right to claim the fair value of your car and the right time to claim it is at the time of incident.

We at auto body repair Tucson have invested in the latest technology to help in reducing the cost of repair without compromising on quality of service provided. We are an independent service provider and thus we focus on improving the quality of car and not towards earning high commission or bonuses from insurance companies. There are a number of fraudulent practices and unrealistic repair methods which are spread across the repair and body shop industry and we stand by being the best in auto body service by staying away from shortcuts. You can come to us for top-notch Tucson collision repair service for your vehicle.