AUTO BODY REPAIR BULLETIN – GM Recalls Over 1M Pickup Trucks For Seat Belt Defect

General Motors will contact more than 1 million Chevrolet and GMC pickup owners to initiate a worldwide safety recall addressing a recently discovered seat belt defect, Autoblog reported recently.

The issue has yet to cause any injuries or deaths, but GM will nonetheless repair 895,232 U.S.-sold  GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 2014-2015 trucks at no cost to owners. After accounting for Silverado and Sierra 1500s sold worldwide, the Detroit-based automaker’s recall affects a combined 1,037,982 trucks. The approximately 3,000 new vehicles that remain unsold at dealerships will not be sold until mechanics have addressed the issue.

GM engineers discovered the defect through warranty data analysis. Over time, repeated bending may fatigue a steel cable connecting the seatbelt to the vehicle and cause it to separate. Some vehicles may require a complete tensioner assembly replacement. For the most part, however, dealers plan to enlarge side shield openings in both models in order to install a pusher bracket on the tensioner. The bending occurs again and again each time the driver enters the seat.

The problem is reportedly similar to a fatiguing cable defect that caused GM to recall more than 400,000 Chevrolet Malibu sedans from their 2011-2012 lines last year and over a million Lambda crossovers in 2014.

The company’s voluntary recall and repairs will proceed similarly in Canada, Mexico, and multiple Middle Eastern and Latin American markets. Concerned customers may enter their vehicle identifcation numbers (VINs) at or to determine if their trucks are affected

GM reportedly expects the recall to be carried out within typical warranty reserves at no significant additional cost to the copmany.