Repair cycle time is defined as the stages through which a repairable item passes from the time of its removal or replacement until it is reinstalled or placed in stock in a serviceable condition. You might be asking why it’s important to you. It can potentially save everybody money and get your car back on the road faster. It can almost be boiled down to time management but let’s take a deeper look to get more understanding of what that means. So basically cycle time is the time you spend waiting for your vehicle to be properly fixed. But wait, there’s more. The term can often be used by insurers to also include the first notice to payment because that’s paid labor for their insurer as well. The term could also vary based on different insurance carriers. It might be worthwhile to discuss their definition of cycle time with your insurer. Tucson body shops want you to be more informed about what happens behind the scenes.

The term would, of course, differ between the insurer and the mechanic. The mechanic only focuses on getting the vehicle repaired and ready to ride and the insurer has to look at a little bit bigger picture. But it gets even more complicated because you’ll find more variables to measure the increasingly intangible ‘cycle time’. These include dollars per day, hours per day, with X number of days thrown in there too. Vehicles older than seven years are shown to be a much simpler and quicker fix than others, excluding vans. Measuring all of this is challenging because how do you measure anything? With data, and for as long as cars have been repaired, there hasn’t been any timely and consistent data that all parties can utilize.

The next obstacle is to standardize the cycle time and it’s a little easier now that we know we need to achieve a definition and measurement that everybody can agree upon. And both parties are more than willing to figure it all out because both sides have potential to win. Insurance companies will have a better understanding of more reliable Tucson body shops to refer clients to and the body shops will get more business.

You might already have a trusted body shop having a strong cycle time or you might not. It might be beneficial to you to find reliable body shops in a new place you’re visiting. It will also provide information more understandable to everybody. New body shops that have a plan to stay in business for more than 5 years will invest time into making all sides happy and provide transparency in the way they conduct business. Business transparency is a huge part of maintaining professional relationships on all sides of the exchange. Insurance companies want to save money too and could potentially drop rates for the insured party. If everybody works together to identify and define a cycle time all parties are benefited and achieve goals much more efficiently. We can simplify even further with the old adage “time is money”, make it cheesy and say “cycle time is money.”