The scholarly gear heads among us should be excited at the news that we have a major BMW and Honda presentation from I-CAR at this year’s NACE event. This year it will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center at, you guessed it, Anaheim, California from August 9 to 13. Both I-CAR and NACE are excited to provide attendants to take a look at the new BMW & Honda courses they offer. I-CAR and NACE are training organizations that provide courses relating to collision repair. They are offering new BMW & Honda courses this year which help techs stay up to date on current trends and procedures. The course on MIG Brazing – Honda Accord B-Pillar Replacement, will be an important one to attend. Collision repair Tucson wants any of those that are more automotive inclined but unsure about what field to pursue to attend and get a feel for the industry. Maybe you are a tech who wants to improve your education and can look forward to a lot of fun demonstrations during this excellent auto body repair convention.

I-CAR will present both hands-on training and production management courses at NACE 2016. Specifically, we are most interested in the BMW i3/i8 Carbon Fiber Repair & Sectioning presented by BMW as many of our clients are import owners. Our staff and technicians will try to attend most everything they will have to offer at the convention. Every day is completely filled with education from dawn to dusk, that will surely have students knocked out well before bed time. Those that are business-minded rather than gifted with working with their hands also have something to attract them to the event with regards to their management programs. If you’re thinking that body shop management is a simple task, then you may not have considered the challenge of dealing with various insurances and balancing what insurers want with what customers deserve. The courses at I-CAR are generally able to help us find balance between the two. At the very least, providing the student with the tools to make the proper discretionary decisions that a manager deals with on a day to day basis is what I-CAR is all about.

Some of the coursework may not be knowledge for the passion but for the wallet instead, like the information regarding cycle time. The GE001L01 course will be very informative on Friday the 12th. For those that don’t know what cycle time is, it’s basically the time it takes to get a damaged car up and back out on the street. It gets more complicated when you factor in budgets and priorities that insurers give a vehicle to be fixed. This sometimes can be a tedious occurrence but it’s definitely one to stay informed about. If you attend I-CAR and NACE, you can begin to understand what a talented mechanic in your local Tucson collision repair shop learns to ensure your safety. The convention also keeps itself relevant with the latest courses geared toward marketing to Millennials and even management techniques for Millennials under your (if you are a body shop owner) potential employ. The event is sure to find a way to stimulate the part of the brain that loves keeping vehicles repaired to their factory condition.