What to Know About Auto Hail Damage in Tucson

Automotive Hail Damage in Tucson

Everyone living in Arizona, especially in Tucson, knows that the damage caused by monsoon storms can be hazardous to a car. Due to the monsoons, especially the ones that drop snowball sized hail, cars and trucks can be hit by huge pellets every single second. What are the results? Thousands of dollars in damages to the paint, body and and glass.

It’s impossible for humans to control a storm, at least for now. Technology never stops to impress us every single year, but currently, there’s nothing we can do to prevent a storm from releasing its fury upon us. The only thing you can do is prevent auto disaster. However, in order to prevent future damage we must know everything about the storms.

What is Hail and Why do Monsoons Produce It?

The engine of the monsoon is the sun. As summer progresses, solar radiation warms the land and Pacific Ocean at different rates, inciting a tug-of-war with the winds. Until the land sufficiently warms, air flow aloft maintains a westerly flow. When the winds do an about-face, the monsoon begins. While the storms suppress sweltering temperatures and resuscitates vegetation, they also deliver intense rains, powerful winds, hail, severe dust and a high number of lightning strikes. Summer storms can be dangerous for Arizona residents. Flash floods can be dangerous to drivers, hikers, and people near washes. Winds almost always exceed 40 mph and can create dust storms.

Hail is large, layered ice particles, often spherical in shape, which are produced by thunderstorms having strong, tilted updrafts. Hailstorms form within a unusually unstable air mass, that is, an air mass in which the temperature falloff with height is much greater than normal.It has a spherical shape most of the time, and it can be large enough to cause serious damages to cars and houses. This hailstorm forms within an unusually unstable air mass. The small ice particles which form the hail is due to the clouds and the rain water. Hail is really dangerous because it can cause serious injuries and it’s even killed people. Many people die annually all over the world from severe hail storms.

Should I Try to Repair the Hail Damage to My Car?

The answer to this question depends on the state of your car ownership. If you own the car outright, then no one else but you is concerned with the value of the car. If that’s the case, then whether or not you repair is up to you. If, however, you are still paying off an auto loan, it may be best to pay for repairs. In this case, your lien holder will be concerned about the value of the car they still technically own. It’s always good to keep this in mind, if you want to resell your car, you’ll definitely want to get it repaired by a professional body shop to increase your car’s value.

Whether your car is hit by a few hail stones or whether your car now looks like a golf ball, fixing hail damage can be expensive. The hail damage repair cost will vary based on the type of insurance you possess. If you’ve discovered hail damage on your car, the first thing you should do is determine if you have comprehensive coverage car insurance or liability insurance. Do not contact your insurance until a damage appraisal estimate has been completed. You can either do this yourself or take the car to a professional Tucson body shop. Most body shops will give you a free estimate. If their estimates do not surpass your deductible by at least $100, there’s really no reason to report the damage to insurance. Because you’ll have to pay the entire deductible anyway and filling out the paperwork is a chore. Skipping that alone is worth more than $100 for most people.

You also have to consider what area of your vehicle was damaged and by how much. For example:

Car Roof – Is there just one dent or several? Are the dents deep or knicks? What size are the dents, are they dime sized, quart sized, or softball sized? The bigger the damage the more repair work will be needed.

Car Windshield – Did the hail cause a couple small impressions within the windshield or is your entire windshield shattered? Most windshield glass are easy to replace, costing between $150-$400. If you have full auto glass coverage you may not have to pay anything at all. It’s because it’s so common for windshields to break that the replacement windshields are readily available and the install is fairly easy for a pro. It’s not advised you try to do a windshield replacement on your own. Side window replacement and back window replacement vary greatly from vehicle-to-vehicle. We do not recommend repairing your windshield yourself, if it’s not done properly and the glass isn’t secured, this could lead to even more damage and put your safety at risk.

Call a Professional Tucson Body Shop

When it comes to hail damage to your car or truck, depending on how you want your vehicle to look afterwards, you may want to consider having a professional look at it. At Right Choice Collision we will not only provide a free estimate, but should you choose to have our professionals take care of the repairs, we’ll handle the claims process for you too. Give us a call today 520-867-6021 or visit our contact page. Get more information on our hail damage repair services.