Tucson Auto Body Congratulates Assured Automotive’s Fundraiser


Here at Right Choice Collision center, our Tucson auto body shop is always pleased to hear and report about people who work to make a difference in their community. The best part of the news? Many of them are ordinary folks who see a need for change and dedicate extra hours of their week to […]
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Collision Repair Tucson Explains Why Purchasing Your Own Parts May Not Be The Best Idea


In this age of Do-It-Yourself projects and making the effort to personally source items for quality and price control, it seems that customers have a growing interest in how they can truly have a hand in the process. While this may be something that is encouraged in plenty of projects that require little technical knowledge–such […]
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Tucson Collision Discusses Drug Trafficking in Seattle Body Shop


Here at Right Choice Tucson Collision Center, we like to keep our customers informed of updates in the collision repair industry as well as general news and tips that may be beneficial to our customers. Occasionally, that also includes news that may be less than positive and, in some cases, detrimental to certain sub-industries within […]
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Tucson Collision Repair Congratulates Student Grant Recipients


With school entering back into session this month, education is certainly on everyone’s minds, even for those who are finished with school or do not have children moving up a grade. Ads for getting needed back to school gear, receiving mail for meet the teacher events, and even watching school signs announce pending start dates […]
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Tucson Collision Reviews New Products By 3M


Here at Right Choice Tucson Collision Center, we get pretty excited over finding new products and techniques that can potentially save time and money for us and our customers. These not only introduce new ways of getting our job done but often these can often be more efficient than traditional methods. A recent example of […]
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Tucson Body Shop Discusses General Motors’ New Pricing Plan


Right Choice Collision Repair is generally quite excited about new methods and techniques that come up in the collision repair industry. Why? Typically, it means that our jobs become much less challenging, less time-consuming, and less expensive. All of these can have a positive impact for our Tucson body shop customers, resulting in reasonable prices […]
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Tucson Body Shop Discusses the Education Foundation’s New $50,000 Grant


August is nearly here and most parents know what that means: within a matter of weeks, school will be back in session and students everywhere will hopefully be studying up a storm. Will all students actually be doing that? Maybe not but our Tucson body shop knows for sure that collision repair students will be […]
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Watch this video! Right Choice Collision was featured today on KGUN9 Morning Blend!

The complete team to assist you after a car accident. With a combined 30 years of experience assisting people after car accidents, we assure you are in the correct hands. We give you the luxury of having all the professionals you need in one place. Just one stop and we will take care of your […]
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Tucson Body Shop Reviews Course Topics for NACE 2015


It looks like this year, NACE and CARS are teaming up once again to bring the collision repair industry another national conference that they will be hosting in Detroit this year. NACE (the International Autobody Congress and Exposition) and CARS (the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service) are looking to educate members of the industry […]
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Tucson Body Shop Reviews the New Bulletproof Car


Under most circumstances, the bulletproof car is something that Americans don’t consider. In fact, in our insular worlds, armored vehicles seem superfluous to everyday life and are unneeded in the civilian life. We tend to think these sorts of vehicles are limited for use by the military, police, the financial industry, and old 1920s-style gangsters. […]
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