What to Know About Auto Hail Damage in Tucson

automotive hail damage repair tucson

Automotive Hail Damage in Tucson Everyone living in Arizona, especially in Tucson, knows that the damage caused by monsoon storms can be hazardous to a car. Due to the monsoons, especially the ones that drop snowball sized hail, cars and trucks can be hit by huge pellets every single second. What are the results? Thousands […]
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Nace Cars Expo

The scholarly gear heads among us should be excited at the news that we have a major BMW and Honda presentation from I-CAR at this year’s NACE event. This year it will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center at, you guessed it, Anaheim, California from August 9 to 13. Both I-CAR and NACE are excited […]
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body shop tucson az

Repair cycle time is defined as the stages through which a repairable item passes from the time of its removal or replacement until it is reinstalled or placed in stock in a serviceable condition. You might be asking why it’s important to you. It can potentially save everybody money and get your car back on the road […]
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Tuscon Body Shop Exposes Feds Warn of Counterfeit Auto Parts

fake auto part warnings

MIAMI – Counterfeit auto materials are a booming industry that might put you and everybody on the street at danger. “All auto or car parts can be imitated,” explained Robert C. Hutchinson, appearing specified agent in charge on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s place of origin investigating protection Miami subject business place. “Our customs […]
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Tucson Collision Repair Center Applauds NHTSA’s Twitter Campaign Against Texting & Driving

stop texting and driving

There isn’t a Tucson collision repair technician elbow-deep in the remaining wreckage of a texting-and-driving accident that doesn’t ponder just how and why this is still a thing. It’s a dangerous concept to even lightly ponder, especially on stretches of Arizona highway where drivers frequently goose their speedometers over 80 mph without a second thought. […]
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AUTO BODY REPAIR BULLETIN – GM Recalls Over 1M Pickup Trucks For Seat Belt Defect

seat belt recalls by GM

General Motors will contact more than 1 million Chevrolet and GMC pickup owners to initiate a worldwide safety recall addressing a recently discovered seat belt defect, Autoblog reported recently. The issue has yet to cause any injuries or deaths, but GM will nonetheless repair 895,232 U.S.-sold  GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 2014-2015 trucks at […]
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Why Is (Quality) Auto Body Repair So Expensive?

expensive auto body repair

Auto body repair shops across Tucson can sometimes only wish our customers could see restoring vehicles to their pre-crash glory through a technician or manager’s eyes. Would that we could extend that opportunity to even a few owners, we might make a dent in a few misunderstandings about why expert auto body repair can seem […]
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Tucson Auto Body Pros Warn Against Insurance “Steering”

ford focus body repair tucson az

Any Tucson auto body repair center worth trusting will care every bit as much about offering the fairest price possible as restoring your vehicle’s former glory following an accident. That’s why we dream of a world in which auto insurance companies can no longer get away with “steering” trusting customers toward shops that overcharge for […]
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right of appraisal explanation

Many insurance companies in the automotive marketplace are sometimes manipulating the auto industry by not providing adequate information to the claimants about their rights. One right available with the claimants in case of auto insurance is right of appraisal. It is probable that you may not have heard of this right as insurance companies are […]
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Tucson Auto Body Shop Informs Motorists about Diminished Value

diminished auto value

Being a motorist, you should be aware of the concept of diminished value, but there are many other concepts related to the diminished value of a vehicle that you may not have heard of. Understanding the problems that motorists face due to reduced value of their vehicle, our Tucson body shop plans to shed some […]
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