Auto Insurance Fraud Cheats Customers with Cheap, Dangerous Parts


A recent investigative report by CNN confirms what the auto body repair experts at Right Choice Collision in Tucson have always warned our customers about: That some repair shops are just contractors for the insurance companies, and the work they do on your car may be dangerously incomplete or inadequate because they have to meet […]
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Your Best Resource for Motorcycle Crash Repair in Tucson


After a motorcycle crash, after ensuring your own health and safety, your next concern is invariably for your bike. Can it be fixed? How much will repairs cost? And how soon can I be back on the road again? The last thing a dedicated motorcyclist wants is to have his or her bike languish in the shop. […]
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Dent Repair or Replacement? Advice from Tucson Car Repair Experts

2001 Toyota Landcruiser before

The smooth, pristine finish is one of the things you love most about that “new car” look. When the first dent occurs – and it inevitably will – you are faced with the task of restoring that new car look to a car that now looks decidedly “used.” Should you try to repair the dent […]
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Top 5 Tips For DIY Windshield Repair from Tucson, AZ Experts

It’s instinctive for people to ask themselves, “Why pay $75 to $500 for glass repair when I can do it myself for less than $20?” DIY windshield repair kits are popular, but they are more like “inexpensive Band-Aids, rather than a complete repair,” according to consumer guide Edmunds. The damage will still be visible, but […]
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Tips for DIY Bumper Repair from Tucson Auto Body Experts


We’ve all been there. You come out of the mall or the supermarket – and there it is: the awful dent, scratch, or ding from someone else’s car door. Or perhaps the scrape was your fault, during a moment of indiscretion. The cost of repair is usually just a few dollars less than most deductibles, […]
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5 Tips for Buying a Used Car

used mercedes

Right Choice Collision: providing the best accident repairs and used car inspections Tucson has to offer. Americans bought more than 41 million used cars in 2014. The modern stock of used cars are much better quality than the used cars of the past, with more robust parts, extended manufacturer warranties, and built-in rust protection. Buyers […]
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