Our Process

mechanic and clientChoosing the right auto body shop for your collision repairs will make a big difference in how the aftermath of your accident is handled. At Right Choice Collision in Tucson, Arizona, we take you through the vehicle repair process step by step to ensure you know what to expect from the time you make your claim until your vehicle is safely back in your own garage, looking like new once again.

Filing a claim

At Right Choice Collision Center, we recommend you work with your own insurance company, rather than the company of the other driver. This ensures your repair will be done properly and with the appropriate replacement parts. While you may have a deductible you need to pay to your company, you should be reimbursed by the insurance company of the other driver as long as you were not at fault in the accident.

Keep in mind that under law, you have the right to choose the auto body repair shop you want to work on your vehicle. Insurance companies may try to convince you to work with a company on their own list, but those companies may have agreements with the insurance company to perform repairs according to the insurer’s specifications. This might mean skipped work or lower quality parts could go into your vehicle in the interest of saving money for the insurance company.

When you select your own body shop, you can rest assured your repairs will be performed at the highest level, without worry over cut corners or other practices that may leave your vehicle in less than top condition.

The initial estimate

Once you have signed a repair authorization, you and your insurance company will be provided with an estimate for the repairs. Your insurance company will also be given the opportunity to inspect the vehicle to answer any questions they might have about the initial estimate. All of the initial repairs performed on your vehicle will be done per that initial estimate.

Making repairs

We will begin the repair work on your vehicle based on the estimate you and your insurance company receives. Rest assured that all of our repairs are done using original equipment manufacturer parts or the highest quality aftermarket parts possible. We also perform all structural repairs according to precise factory specifications. We use computerized frame straightening equipment to ensure the precision of our work, which means safety and comfort for you, the driver.

Additional work

If any additional work is required once we begin your repairs, we will notify you and your insurance company of any possible changes. This might include any inner structural components that were not visible during the initial assessment of your vehicle. Your insurance company is also welcome to re-inspect your vehicle at this time, to verify any additional repairs we have discovered.

Making it like new

Once your car is repaired, we go to work to make it look as good as it runs. From fresh paint to detailing, your car will be a vehicle you can drive with pride once again. With expert care and service, you can rest assured every portion of your vehicle will be treated with utmost care during the time it is in our shop.

Test drive

After the repairs are completed, we will test drive your vehicle to ensure it operates just like it did when you drove it off the lot. If the test drive goes as we expect and the rest of your vehicle’s inspection checks out to our satisfaction, you will be notified of the completion of your vehicle repairs. Rest assured that when you are called to pick up your vehicle, it has been through a rigorous quality control check that gives you peace of mind not just in how your car looks – but in how it operates as well.

Right Choice Collision is committed to every step of your auto body repair process. To learn more, or to get an estimate, contact us at 520-867-6021.