Bumper Repair

Gone are the days of the chrome-plated bumper – on most modern cars, metal bumpers have been replaced by plastic components. The good news is that damaged plastic bumpers don’t always need to be replaced. In many cases, if you bring your car to Right Choice Collision Center for bumper repair, our Arizona auto body shop experts can save you money by repairing the bumper instead of replacing it.

Many damaged bumpers can be repaired

A typical modern bumper has three main parts: the structural support (usually made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass), a layer of foam or polyurethane, and a plastic cover.

We can fix these damages to plastic bumper covers:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Tears
  • Scuffs
  • Detachments

Different types of plastic call for different types of tools and adhesives. We are a full-service independent Tucson, Arizona auto body shop, and we can get your vehicle’s bumper repair done quickly and get it done right. Once the damage is repaired, we can match any touch-up paint to the color of your car and seal it for protection.

Choose Right Choice for your Tucson bumper repair

If your bumper shows signs of damage, bring it to Right Choice Collision Center for these advantages:

  • Quick and headache-free repair
  • Less costly alternative to full bumper replacement
  • Restored resale value
  • Perfect match on touch-up paint
  • Experienced technicians who work on all makes and models of vehicles
  • Quality repair that is always done right the first time
  • The benefit of an independent repair center that always works for you, not the insurance company

Bumper replacement offers options for customization

Bumpers are a safety feature, designed to protect occupants from impact. If your vehicle suffers a higher-force impact, it can cause damage to the internal structure and the integrity of the system may be compromised.

For more serious structural damage, bumper repair might not be an option. Though bumper replacement tends to cost more than bumper repair, it offers a chance for after-market customization.

Plastics are the most common bumper cover materials on the market, but many car owners are drawn to carbon fiber bumpers. Once reserved for high-end sports cars, carbon fiber is now an option for just about anyone looking to add a high-performance touch to a car. Carbon fiber bumpers are constructed from an epoxy that has been reinforced with carbon fibers. The result is an extremely durable, yet lightweight, material. Carbon fiber bumpers offer both a sleeker look and improved performance.

Right Choice Collision for Arizona bumper repair

Right Choice Collision Center is your one-stop destination for auto body repairs.  We put you – not the insurance company – first. As specialists in both plastic and fiberglass repair, we can handle bumper repair or bumper replacement – including a carbon fiber upgrade – on any type of auto.

All service – big or small – comes with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship.  Request your free estimate or call 520-867-6021 to schedule an appointment.