Car Detailing

Want to get your car looking like new? Head for the master Arizona auto detailers at Right Choice Collision in Tucson to give your car the royal treatment, the affordable Right Choice way. We’ve got a price package just for you—just come by and see what level of auto detailing suits your car, SUV or truck.

Just like you, your car works hard all day—getting dusty and covered with grime inside and out—and it deserves the royal treatment when day is done. If you love your car, car detailing is the ultimate act of automotive affection.

With regular car detailing by the professionals at Right Choice Collision in Tucson, AZ, you’ll keep your car in excellent condition and help to retain its resale value. When a smart car owner is getting ready to sell his or her car, the easiest way to tack on dollars to its value is to have the car detailed before showing.

The paint job

Basic paint care requires three steps: clean, correct, and protect. For cleaning, the Right Choice auto detailers use the two bucket method—one for clean suds, one for clean water. To correct the paint, auto detailers use clay bars to remove contaminants like tar, road debris, and metal particles from the clear coat.

The chrome trim is cleaned thoroughly and a trim protectant is applied to repel polish and wax that might stain the trim. Finally, a good polishing to remove swirl marks and tiny scratches before applying a high wax shine to protect the paint is done.

The chassis and wheels

We clean the undercarriage of your car, including the suspension components and the wheel wells. We dress the plastic splash guards with a plastic protectant, and thoroughly clean the wheels and tires before applying a protectant to keep them lustrous and prevent cracking.

Headlight, taillights, and trim

A polishing compound is used to remove oxidation and yellowing from headlight and taillight lenses. Any vinyl or plastic trim is dressed with a protectant to prevent corrosion or cracking.

Interior car detailing

All carpeting and upholstery needs a thorough cleaning, either by shampooing or steaming. Plastic and vinyl needs to be properly dressed with a protectant, and any leather is cleaned and conditioned. A good auto detailing is not complete without cleaning the trunk thoroughly.

The engine

Our Tucson AZ auto detailers will lightly mist the engine compartment and then use a degreaser before rinsing the engine bay clean. Once the compartment is dry, all plastic, rubber, and silicone components are properly dressed to prevent cracking.

Call us today at 520-867-6021 or better yet, stop by Right Choice Collision and we’ll help you choose the complete car detailing package that’s just right for your car and your wallet.