Complete Car Paint Job in Tucson

You love your car and want to keep it looking pristine, but nature works against you every day. Intense sunlight, acid rain, salt air, hail, and other paint destroyers take their steady toll on your car’s paint job. Gravel, sand, and road debris then cause those annoying chips and dings that detract from the good look of your car and diminish its value.

Visit the auto body paint experts at Right Choice Collision in Tucson, Arizona. Not only can we can make those annoying dings and chips completely disappear, but we can give your prized possession a beautiful new look and restore its value at the same time.

Right Choice Collision is already among the most highly regarded auto body paint shops in Tucson because our customers know that we take the extra time and care needed to restore and protect one of your most valuable possessions.

Auto body paint experts at Right Choice offer free estimates

If your car’s paint color has faded or doesn’t come back up to a glossy luster when you wax it, it may be time for Right Choice Collision to take a look. Other signs of needing a paint job are auto paint cracking or peeling, old, porous, or weathered paint, rust spots, and dings or dents. Our veteran paint technicians can come to your office or home and give you a quick estimate on a range of affordable paint packages from chip repair right up to a complete car paint job.

Visit our state of the art auto body paint shop in Tucson

Once you’ve decided on the right auto paint package for you and your car, it’s time to turn your car over to the Right Choice Collision team at our state of the art auto body paint facility and see the advantage for yourself!

  • Our sophisticated paint mixing system guarantees a perfect color match.
  • Our eco-friendly water based paints are both better for the environment and a better product. Most auto body paints are about 85 percent solvent, which contains hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or toxic emissions. Water-based or waterborne paints require 90 percent less solvent, contain no HAPs and have a low amount of VOCs. Waterborne paint is the factory-finish used by most carmakers. Your repairs will more closely match the original, and it’s more durable because it expands and contracts better than solvent paint.
  • Our climate controlled paint booth with heated baking system will accurately cure paint
  • National lifetime warranty is yours for as long as you own your vehicle

A fresh new car point job adds thousands to the value of your car

A new paint job has luster, shine, depth, and weather resistance that helps protect your car from the elements and may mean the difference of thousands of dollars when selling your car. A car free of dings, dents, and chips and a lustrous new car finish is a sign that you take pride in your car and want to maintain its value.

Call the auto body paint experts at Right Choice Collision at 520-867-6021 and see what a complete auto body paint job can do for your car.