Collision Repair in Tucson

From the days of Henry Ford and the Model T, it’s no secret that we are in a lifelong love affair with our cars. They represent our personal style and who we are when we’re out there on the road driving alone or with our families. Our cars rank right alongside our cellphones when we talk about indispensable parts of our lives. In some cases, we probably take better care of our cars than we take care of ourselves. Falling off a ladder putting up Xmas lights is one thing. Just don’t scratch my car!

At Right Choice Collision, the premier collision repair shop in Tucson, Arizona, we share your obsession.  We understand how every nick, scrape, and ding is painful. If you have a sports car, minivan, pickup truck, SUV, convertible, lovable clunker or classic—anything from an Escalade to an Austin Mini—we’re devoted to keeping your car looking like the day you drove it out of the showroom.

DRP collision shops are forced to cut corners

In the best tradition of American entrepreneurship, Right Choice Collision in Tucson is an independent shop of top flight auto collision repair specialists and experts who are not under the control of insurance companies who force their Direct Repair Facilities (DRP’s) with insurance contracts to cut corners on repairs.

We’re beholding only to the safety and satisfaction of our customers who entrust their precious cars to us. We’re not given a restrictive budget by the insurance company to complete repairs to a damaged vehicle. If the insurance company has not budgeted enough to the DRP shop to do a safe quality repair, the shop is forced to choose which repair gets done, and the unaware car owner is none the wiser.

By the way, if an insurance company tells you where you have to go to have your collision repair work done, tell them you’re free to choose your own shop.

Highest quality auto collision repair on any make or model

Our certified repair technicians don’t consider any repair job too big or too small. That our customer is satisfied and will tell his or her friend is what we care about.

At Right Choice Collision, we use original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) and products or the highest quality aftermarket parts. Many DRP’s with insurance contracts must use lesser quality aftermarket parts to cut costs.

When a collision may have caused structural damage, all our full frame and unibody chassis repairs are done within precise factory specifications with computerized frame straightening equipment to ensure your safety and comfort.

Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technicians are absolute artisans in repairing annoying minor dents and dings. PDR is a fast and economical method of minor ding and dent repair from hail storms, rocks, or gravel but has to be done right. We’ll do the repairs at your office or home, or you can just drive in and we’ll repair all those annoying little dents while you wait.

Visit the most highly regarded auto collision repair shop in Tucson

We know you love your car, and we know that you need it to be on the road rather than sitting in some collision repair shop. From a major collision to a minor fender bender, we will treat you and your car as our highest priority and promise you the highest quality repair at a price you can afford. We’re here to satisfy you and earn your referral to your friends and colleagues who might need us someday.

Call us at (520) 867-6021 to arrange a free estimate for collision, glass, plastic, or fiberglass repair.