Fixing Auto Body Repair Mistakes

Do you have a suspicion something’s “not quite right” with your vehicle since you had repairs done? Are you looking for another opinion? Right Choice Collision performs FREE post-repair inspections to make sure! We welcome you to stop into our shop to put your mind at ease. Our state-of-the-art collision ship fully equipped to make all necessary repairs from paint-matching to panel alignment.

Need a second opinion?

Right Choice Collision in Tucson performs the following services free of charge:

  • Post-repair inspections: We regularly service customers who are dissatisfied with repairs done elsewhere.
  • Lease trade-in inspections: Get things fixed quickly and inexpensively prior to turning in a leased car.
  • Used car inspections: Buying used? We’ll make it’s in good shape before you purchase someone else’s headache!

When it comes to repair inspections, attitude matters!

mechanic identifying auto body repair mistakeYou’ll find that our auto body technicians are sensitive to all that you’ve been through. We maintain professionalism at all times. If we find that the vehicle is in good condition, we will do our best to explain what you were experiencing and will never talk down to you. If we discover a prior auto body repair mistake, we refrain from badmouthing our competitors or pressuring you into a sale. We know that a positive inspection experience brings much business and referrals our way in the long run, so we leave high pressure sales tactics at the door.

All the auto body shops we know take great pride in their work, as we do. However, technicians are only human and mistakes can happen to even the most seasoned professionals. More often than not, we find that certain shops have systemic issues, where speed or cost is valued over quality. As a shop that adheres to the highest manufacturer standards, we are trained to spot these common mistakes when we see them!

Most common auto body repair mistakes we find

There are countless inadequacies that may arise, but here are a few problems we frequently see:

  • Bad paint work – Vehicles that are not thoroughly cleaned and prepped before priming can yield a lumpy or shoddy-looking paint job. These cars may need repainting, but we always try buffing and polishing first. Another type of poor paint job is the improperly matched paint. Often times, a technician will feed the customer a line like “It’ll even out over time” or “No, it’s just the lighting,” but the customer always knows better. We’ll take a look under fluorescent lighting, where bad paint can’t hide. When our certified technicians aren’t doing paintless dent repair, they’re using a sophisticated paint-mixing system, eco-friendly paints, and a climate-controlled paint booth. Our work is warrantied for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Re-installation failure – Many components are often disassembled to get to the heart of the repairs. Sometimes different people take the equipment apart and put it back together. Other times, technicians are simply in a hurry and make careless mistakes that lead your vehicle to make strange noises, rattles, or vibrations that weren’t there before. We’ll check your windshield wipers, turn signals, power windows, locks, headlights, the radio, and error code lights to make sure nothing funny is going on.
  • Poorly aligned parts – Improvements in manufacturing over the years have led to vehicle designs that require serious precision to align. Doors, windows, wheels, mirrors, and the hood should all come together seamlessly. You don’t want gaps where moisture or air can get into the vehicle, or that cause performance to suffer over time.

Why choose us?

We’ve already mentioned a few benefits of coming to see us for a second opinion:

  1. FREE inspection.
  2. PLEASANT, professional attitude.
  3. NO aggressive sales pitches.
  4. State-of-the-art paint mixing system.
  5. Technicians who are certified and adhere to highest manufacturer standards.

Additionally, we understand how hard it can be to live without a vehicle for any amount of time. Our PAPERLESS SYSTEM sends out an email or text notification for each phase of the repair, so you know that your car isn’t just sitting in the lot, collecting dust, while you wait! We find that this method of open communication prevents you from having to call the shop needlessly and allows us to provide a greater level of customer service using modern technology.

Furthermore, we value what you value – a clean, habitable earth. Right Choice Collision is totally GREEN. Our passion for the environment and good stewardship is evident through the following:

  • Paperless facility – Get full write-ups on all services and work done via email.
  • Water-based, eco-friendly paints – Our NO-VOC, chemical-free paint mixing is state-of-the-art.
  • Recycling program – We recycle everything from plastic bumpers and scrap metal, to fluids and batteries.
  • Energy-efficient lighting – CFL lighting gives our shop a more pleasant glow and helps conserve energy too.

Here’s the bottom line: You don’t have to live with sub-par workmanship. Our motto is: Collision Repair For ALL Vehicles – DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! Get auto body repair mistakes fixed without delay by calling Right Choice Collision of Tucson, AZ at 520-867-6021 to schedule your free inspection.