Hail Damage Repair

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Summer monsoons have been known to wreak amazing hail damage in Tucson, Arizona. For every 1,000 vehicles, there were 7.3 claims for hail damage in Arizona. There were 35,675 insurance claims totaling over $148 million in 2011, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s most recent data. The average claim cost $4,166 in repairs. Fortunately, damage caused by hail is covered by insurers under a motorist’s comprehensive coverage.

Right Choice Collision provides exceptional hail damage repair service to drivers in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding area. With our advanced paintless dent removal system, we’ll have your car back to you, looking its best, in no time at all!

How long do I have to file a claim for hail damage in Tucson, Arizona?

Ideally, you’ll want to get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible, so you don’t have to drive around a dented up vehicle! Most insurance providers give you about a year from the time of hail damage to get your vehicle fixed. Individual policies may vary, so it’s best to call your provider for the most accurate timeline.

Unlike other types of claims, hail damage claims do not increase your premium, as these weather events are unforeseeable and out of your hands.

Hail damage repair claims process

These are the steps you should take to get the ball rolling on a hail damage claim:

1. Contact your insurance company to file a claim. They will send a claims adjustor out to look at your car. Park your car in a garage or shady spot so you avoid sunlight glare and the dents are most visible.

Adjustors often ask where you will be taking your vehicle for repairs. Sometimes they try to send you to a cheap “drive-thru” service that processes thousands of claims cheaply. However, you can take your vehicle to a body collision shop of your choice.

Here at Right Choice Collision, we do the best possible job to maintain the manufacturer’s paint warranty, as well as the structural integrity of your vehicle. Do not feel pressured to go with your insurer’s recommendation. What is convenient for them is not necessarily what is best for you.

Also, keep in mind that adjustors will often write lighter estimates if you confess that you just plan to cash your check and keep the money, whether you get your vehicle repaired or not.

2. Make an appointment with the body shop of your choice to schedule your hail damage repair.

We’ll notify the insurance company if we feel the adjustor’s estimate was written too light for the amount of hail damage we see. An independent auto body center works in your best interest to get a fair settlement for your claim. The body shop will re-write the estimate or create a supplement for the insurance provider to approve if need be. You will not have to worry about this at all.

3. After your vehicle is repaired, you will pay your deductible and pick up your vehicle.

We will point out the areas repaired and ensure that the vehicle has been fixed to your liking before you leave. You will receive a written warranty for the repairs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

What is paintless dent removal and why is it the best type of hail damage repair service?

The Paintless Dent Removal method preserves the original factory finish of your vehicle by using high-tech tools and heat on the backside of the panels, and is often completed by skilled technicians same-day.

By contrast, the traditional body shop method requires an extensive dent straightening, filling, and repainting that could take up to two weeks. Prior to the 1980s, all we had was traditional dent repair. Many Arizona collision shops do not have the training or the tools to do paintless dent repair, but the expert techs at our AZ auto body shop have made the investment to service our customers better.

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