Paintless Dent Repair

The experienced technicians at Right Choice Collision Center offer the highest quality paintless dent repair in Tucson, Arizona. Also called “PDR”, paintless dent removal is an innovative process that can remove most minor and medium-sized dents, without taking off the factory finish. Our team understands the frustration that comes with automotive dents, whether caused by a stray shopping cart, bumper fender or bicycle ding. The good news is that this inevitable reality is easy to fix, and much more affordable than you might think. With Right Choice Collision Center, our revolutionary paintless dent repair is generally 25 percent the cost of conventional dent removal.

Advantages of paintless dent repair

With the benefit of specialized equipment, our professionals can carefully and meticulously massage small to medium dents out, without having to repaint your vehicle. This process has many monikers, including “paint-free” and “paintless,” but the results are always the same: flawless work that restores your car to its original pre-dent condition.

Take a look at some of the numerous advantages of paintless dent repair:

  • Cost effective
  • Helps maintain your vehicle’s value
  • Industry proven to last
  • Uses eco-friendly materials
  • Original factory finish is maintained
  • Fast and reliable – most jobs completed in one to three hours

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of PDR is the sheer time savings. Most body shops would keep a vehicle four to seven days for the same type of dent removal. And remember, our Tucson paintless dent repair services never use filler or toxic chemicals. In fact, this process is really a fine-tuned form of metal work that will restore the value of your vehicle.

Good candidates for PDR

Paintless dent removal is ideal for relatively shallow dents or dings that are smooth and range in size from two to 30 inches (about the size of a basketball). Plastic bumpers that are still attached to the vehicle can also be repaired with this process, as long as they are free of tears, paint cracks or holes.

The PDR system is frequently used to repair moderate hail damage or other similar dings that can happen when a vehicle’s metal panel has been struck without disrupting the paint finish. It’s important to note that deep dents with extensive paint damage, dings in chrome bumpers and any deep creases on the edge of a body panel cannot be fixed with PDR, and may be more efficiently addressed with our smart paint and collision repair services here in Tucson.

State-of-the-art dent removal in Tucson, Arizona

If you want to restore your vehicle to like-new condition without the headache and expense of conventional body shop repairs, we encourage you to call or stop by Right Choice Collision Center for a free estimate today. We specialize in repairing surface imperfections, minor dents, door dings and plastic bumper repairs with PDR for all auto makes and models. And our work is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. By partnering with us, we can help get you back behind the wheel affordably – and in most cases, the same day!