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Repair cycle time is defined as the stages through which a repairable item passes from the time of its removal or replacement until it is reinstalled or placed in stock in a serviceable condition. You might be asking why it’s important to you. It can potentially save everybody money and get your car back on the road […]
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Why Is (Quality) Auto Body Repair So Expensive?

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Auto body repair shops across Tucson can sometimes only wish our customers could see restoring vehicles to their pre-crash glory through a technician or manager’s eyes. Would that we could extend that opportunity to even a few owners, we might make a dent in a few misunderstandings about why expert auto body repair can seem […]
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Tucson Collision Explains 5 Steps to Paint Booth Efficiently


Our Tucson collision repair center focuses on bringing the best service possible to our clients. While part of that is centered around great customer service, a large part also involves happens behind the scenes. Working in a clean, maintained area is one of the key aspects of creating quality, efficient service. One area we are […]
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Tucson Auto Body Congratulates Assured Automotive’s Fundraiser


Here at Right Choice Collision center, our Tucson auto body shop is always pleased to hear and report about people who work to make a difference in their community. The best part of the news? Many of them are ordinary folks who see a need for change and dedicate extra hours of their week to […]
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Tucson Collision Repair Congratulates Student Grant Recipients


With school entering back into session this month, education is certainly on everyone’s minds, even for those who are finished with school or do not have children moving up a grade. Ads for getting needed back to school gear, receiving mail for meet the teacher events, and even watching school signs announce pending start dates […]
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